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We embarked on a project to revamp ICAN's organization brand and create cohesive subsets for their managed centers.

Our comprehensive scope of work included rebranding, design, and collateral development for ICAN. We designed and published their 2019 and 2022 annual reports, a 2019 executive summary, and developed collateral materials. Additionally, we created over six logos and taglines for ICAN's partners and handled the design and production of their digital and marketing collateral.

Our goals were to establish a cohesive visual identity for ICAN and its centers, deliver high-quality annual reports and executive summaries, foster strong brand associations through partner logos and taglines, and develop digital and marketing collateral to support ICAN's global outreach.

Since our appointment, ICAN has remained a loyal client, expressing satisfaction with our design capabilities and efficiency. We consistently delivered projects on time and within budget while maintaining exceptional quality. Our expertise in managing international logistics enabled us to distribute deliverables worldwide, reinforcing ICAN's global presence.

The success of the rebranding and design project underscores our proficiency in revitalizing brand identities and delivering comprehensive design solutions. Our collaborative approach, efficient project management, and adherence to budget constraints have earned us the trust and satisfaction of ICAN. This successful execution and ongoing partnership demonstrate our commitment to providing exceptional design services and supporting our clients' global endeavors.

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