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The Department of General Services (DGS) underwent a comprehensive rebranding campaign to revitalize its brand identity and improve communication with the public and the Mayor.

Our design agency was appointed to handle the entire project, from ideation to strategic implementation across platforms.

The main goal was to create a cohesive brand identity for DGS and introduce it effectively. We developed a new logo, taglines, brand manual, social media strategies, and produced print and digital collateral.

Our meticulous process began with thorough research and insights about DGS's values and target audience. We created a visually appealing logo that accurately represented DGS's identity. Compelling taglines and a brand manual ensured consistent application of the brand.

We formulated a strategic marketing plan to introduce the brand, including social media strategies, print materials, website updates, and promotional events. All deliverables were prepared and delivered on time, meeting client expectations and staying within budget.

We fostered a positive working relationship with the DGS staff, leveraging their insights and feedback to enhance our designs and strategies.

Through our start-to-finish rebranding campaign, we successfully transformed DGS's brand identity, enabling effective communication with the public and the Mayor. Our commitment to quality, timelines, and budget exceeded client expectations. The strategic marketing plan positioned DGS for greater visibility, effectively reaching the target audience.

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