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DC DPR - Rec For All

The DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) enlisted our agency to create an ad campaign across various mediums for it's Rec For All program.

DHM was tasked with designing a comprehensive ad campaign for The DC Department of Parks and Recreation's recently launched program, Rec For All, that would include various pieces including 4 bus side ads, large format banners, pop-up banners, social media templates, digital transit station ads, and a 30-second video.

The campaign comprised an array of captivating elements, starting with four eye-catching bus side ads. These mobile billboards would grab the attention of commuters and passersby, showcasing the essence of Rec For All and its offerings. In addition, large format banners were designed to adorn key locations throughout the city, boldly displaying the program's key message.

To extend the campaign's reach, DHM crafted vibrant pop-up banners that could be easily displayed at community events and gatherings. These banners served as attention-grabbing focal points, enticing individuals to learn more about Rec For All. Simultaneously, social media templates were created to ensure a strong online presence, enabling easy sharing and engagement across various digital platforms.

Recognizing the significance of digital advertising, DHM designed compelling transit station ads to captivate the attention of tech-savvy audiences. These ads would be strategically placed in high-traffic areas, optimizing visibility and driving interest in the program.

To encapsulate the essence of Rec For All in a dynamic and concise manner, DHM produced a captivating 30-second video. Seamlessly blending visuals, motion, and storytelling, this video would serve as the campaign's centerpiece, engaging audiences across multiple channels and leaving a lasting impression.

DHM's ad campaign for The DC Department of Parks and Recreation's Rec For All was a testament to their ability to merge design expertise with strategic thinking. By leveraging various mediums, they successfully conveyed the program's inclusivity, accessibility, and the boundless opportunities it offered for all members of the community to engage in recreational activities.

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