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ADC Management Solutions

Rebranding ADC Management Solutions (ADC) to reflect their evolving vision and goals and rejuvenate their current branding through various strategic elements.

DHM was entrusted with the exciting task of rebranding ADC Management Solutions (ADC), a women and minority-owned consulting firm, to reflect their evolving vision and goals. The project aimed to rejuvenate their current branding through various strategic elements.

The first step was the creation of an updated icon and word-mark that would serve as the visual representation of ADC's identity. DHM crafted a modern and sophisticated logo design that captured the essence of the company's professionalism and forward-thinking approach.

To inject vibrancy and energy into the brand, a brighter and more vibrant color palette was carefully chosen. The new colors were selected to evoke positivity and resonate with ADC's target audience.

In addition to the visual aspects, DHM developed a cohesive marketing strategy to ensure consistent brand messaging across all channels. This included the creation of a compelling tagline that effectively communicated ADC's unique value proposition.

The project deliverables were comprehensive and covered a wide range of marketing materials. DHM produced a new logo, tagline, style sheet, letterhead, envelope, business card, email signature, and social media templates to maintain a consistent brand identity. Moreover, one sheets, step and repeat banners, and pop-up banners were designed to promote ADC's services at various events and conferences. Finally, DHM designed and developed a comprehensive website that showcased ADC's expertise and provided an engaging user experience.

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