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Top 3 Design Trends of 2019

Design and style are constantly evolving. In a time when everything is electronic, graphic and website design are always changing. It can seem difficult to stay up to date in such a fast paced environment, but here are our top 3 design trends that are topping the charts.

1. Minimalism meets color

“Less means more” has certainly been true these past few years so, don’t expect it to go away. It’s certainly a favorite as it’s striking, quite timeless, and effortlessly chic and modern. But, we’ve certainly seen the trend mix with something more unexpected, bright and lively colors. Clean, sleek layouts are mixed with bright or pastel-toned colors to create a stunning visual that’s contemporary, but still shows a lot of personality.

2. Eclectic 

As pop culture and urban society value transparency more and more, graphic design moves with it. In 2019, we are certainly starting to see more doodles, brush strokes, stains of color, and wonky text coming up more, usually seen over a editorial-esque picture with a solid background. 

3. Open designs

As beautiful as perfectly framed layouts are, we are starting to see a shift. Open compositions and slight overlays are increasingly popular as they feel broad, cohesive, a part of a bigger picture, and seemingly infinite. They’re free-flowing and create an ultra modern atmosphere.

Whatever your design dreams are, the DHM Media Team is here and happy to help you!

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