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The Difference Between Print and Digital Advertising

In the world of advertising, the two most powerful methods used today are digital and print advertising. Digital advertising is geared towards using the internet to reach a specific group of customers, while the more traditional print advertising remains an extremely effective method of marketing businesses at the local level. For any business or company, knowing the way both of these advertising methods reach the target customers and how much the expenses are overshadowed by the return of investment is crucial in making the right decision as to which of them is a better advertising strategy.


One of the biggest advantages of digital advertising is the fact that its cost can easily be adjusted to a particular budget amount in comparison to the flat fees typically applied in print ads. Another good reason to choose a digital ad campaign is that it can be very interactive. You may use images, a basic video clip or you may even turn to using interactive video games to highlight the goods and services you are promoting. Interactive ads are proven o be effective in getting the viewers’ attention.

When are digital ads very appropriate?

Digital advertising is very attractive to companies with a small marketing budget. Digital ads actually offer companies or businesses the chance to have full control over how the ad campaign is going, and this usually means spending less money and focusing on the targeted consumer base. Customization can also be done very easily in digital ads. This is why small-scale or personal businesses like plumbers use this method for marketing because it is perfect for remote and service-based types of business.


Print media advertising is all about circulation. Needless to say, the more distributed or circulates a certain printed material is, the more exposure the product or goods become. The disadvantage of using print ads is that not all readers may be able to see them and relate to them. Simply put, these advertising strategy doesn’t guarantee focused or highly targeted advertisements. That is also why it is very important for a company to choose a magazine, for instance, whose readers are the people who will likely use their products or services.

How to effectively use print ads?

Although we are now in a modern and highly computerized era, print ads still have their place in the world of advertising. To make sure that such ads will be effective, companies need to make sure they are put in places or materials that are accessible to people from all walks of life. Thus, newspapers are considered an important and effective tool for print ads because almost everyone can afford to buy a newspaper. In contrast to digital advertising where only those with computers or laptops are likely to have access to, printing ads in newspapers has a bigger potential to reach more people or potential customers. It is also an effective strategy to put colorful full-page ads in a certain publication as readers have the tendency to ignore smaller and dull-looking ads.

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