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Whether small or large, every business has a brand they aim to represent to their customers around the world. In projecting a perfect impression of your business to your customers, branding is essential. One of the tools of branding is logo design. A logo design is usually referred to as the Face of a business. Whether you are a small-medium enterprise or a large company intending to connect to your customers and reach more potential customers, branding should be a vital part of your business.

When projected deliberately through curated and creative expertise, it would boost the awareness and fulfill several goals of your business. Whether you want to start a new business or refresh and give a fresh outlook to an old one, getting suitable and effective branding and logo designs should top your to-do list.

What is Branding? Logo Design?

Branding is not limited to the colorful graphic designs that grab the attention of customers. It is beyond having a recognizable and unique logo that portrays your business. It's an intentional, deliberate, and conscious strategy that revolves around the essence of your business. The branding of your business is a representation of your business's identity. It's a conscious investment to connect to your customers.

Branding is a mandatory and critical thing to do for a business as it creates an overall impression on the minds of consumers about the organization. It can drive new business and create awareness among the people. Here are some of the reasons why branding is so important:

  • Branding creates recognition for the firm

  • Branding creates an overall image of what to expect from the company.

  • Branding increases business value by giving the company more advantages in the industry.

  • Strong branding generates a more significant impression and brings more customers to do business with you

  • Employees will be proud and more satisfied to work with a strongly branded company

  • Branding can build trust with the consumers, potential clients, and customers.

  • Branding supports advertisement strategies.

Logo design is a tool of branding. It's a graphic symbol or icon that is central to the identity of the owner and will often consist of four key elements:

  • A symbol or icon

  • Colors

  • Wording

  • Typeface

These four elements combine to create a logo that will embody the very essence of the company, business or brand. The logo becomes a symbol that represents the core values of its owner. The logo reflects the owner's function, service, or product and what the customer or client can expect in terms of quality, service, reliability and satisfaction from the owner. As such the logo is at the very core of any business.

A good logo should have the following attributes:

  • Distinctive

  • Memorable

  • It should adhere to accepted design principles

  • It should be representative of the company or brand

  • Easy to use in all required circumstances e.g. large or small, black/white or color, against various backgrounds, print and digital

The creative process to develop a logo can be very complex. It is important to consider the positioning of the business or brand in its market, its core values and its points of difference. Factors such as the industry the business or brand operates in, its geographical location and the target market will also be factors.


Branding your business identity is a marketing tool that helps create a consistent and memorable image of your company.

Set yourself apart from the crowd and pay special attention to crafting the visual identity of your business. A graphic designer/agency can assist you in developing a professional image, as well as assist you in working with a printer.

Take a good look at your company and product/service strengths. Determine your primary strengths and benefits and then make sure your branding strategy (marketing materials, advertising, sales, customer services, logo, etc.) reinforces this. Simple, eh?

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