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Why Print Advertising Works

We may be living in the digital age, but there is still irreplaceable value to print media. Incorporating printed advertising into your marketing mix is crucial. Read below for our reasons:

1. It's in the Numbers

Studies have shown that print advertising converts significantly more customers than digital advertising. Not only does it increase sales more effectively, but studies have even shown a more lasting effect on consumers' memories. How's that for staying power?

2. It's Trustworthy

With so much digital clutter on our laptops, phones, and everywhere in between, consumers are burnt out on digital advertising. Print advertising is viewed as more honest, intentional, and less annoying than its digital counterparts. Way to get on the consumer's good side!

3. It's Less Fleeting

With attention spans plummeting, it's a massive challenge to maintain the consumer's attention long enough to get your point across. Consider the contexts of digital vs. print: digital ads are typically consumed in conjunction with other hurriedly consumed content, with little patience or attention to detail. Print ads are consumed at a slower, more relaxed pace where consumers are not rushing, and they can stop to process your ad.

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