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Avoid the Summer Slump!

While we love the warm weather and family vacations, summer can be hard on small businesses who rely on local customers. Here are our top tips for avoiding and overcoming the summer slump!

1. Enjoy the Season

Sure, many of us don't crave making big purchases or business decisions when we're busy enjoying the weather and traveling, but we won't pass up an opportunity to have fun in the sun! Create campaigns and events that speak to the fun we all crave this time of year, and the customers will come.

2. Create the Need

Why should customers not forget about you while they relax this summer? Answer this question with new ad campaigns and special sales that incentivize fast-acting customers. Remind your clients there's no time to waste!

3. Plan Ahead

Even if you hit the slump, there's nothing stopping you from bouncing back. Come up with a plan to get back on track once your clients are back from their summer travels. Be the first thing on everyone's to-do list when they're back to reality!

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