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Rebranding For Success

We see many businesses that offer excellent services, but struggle because of poor branding. Sometimes a rebranding campaign is the best boost you can give your business, but you must approach it with a few key ideas in mind:

  1. What was wrong with your previous brand?

It may seem obvious to you, but it helps to write out a list of specific components of your previous brand that were inhibiting success. This will help you to avoid slipping into the same pitfalls with rebranding, and will give you a checklist when reviewing potential new concepts.

  1. What does the research show?

Regardless of your personal taste, what does the world around you think? Take surveys, conduct interviews, discuss with trusted friends – whatever it takes to understand the minds of those you are trying to sell to. Once you have collected this information, you can coordinate your rebranding around what your market is desiring.

  1. Who are your changing for?

Are you rebranding to appeal to a different target market? Or are the tastes of your current target market evolving? Don’t forget to focus on your consumer, and make your branding choices accordingly.

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