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Tackling Instagram

We hope by now that most businesses are established on Facebook (if not – fix that!), so it’s time to tackle the social media du jour: Instagram. If the only social media you’ve used for your business is Facebook, this photo-focused app can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Instagram is the epitome of young people…

Specifically, everything is 1. Visual, and 2. Instant. Avoid content that takes time to read or understand, or any images that are mundane or generic. You have fractions of a second to grab your viewer and pause their incessant scrolling, so post accordingly.

  1. Make it genuine

We’re in an age of complete desensitization to advertisements, with many viewers actually responding negatively to businesses they see advertised. Because of this, it’s important to post content that isn’t just an ad, but either gives useful information, or provides a look at the human side of your business. Office parties, tips for local restaurants, and candid shots all make for eye-catching content.

  1. Tell a story (literally)

In addition to posting, it’s a good idea to add images to your story, a 24-hour diary of temporary posts uploaded by you. This is the perfect venue for short videos of your team, and images that don’t warrant their own post.

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