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Warm Regards, Your First Impression

Thanks to the internet, you can tell a lot about a person without ever meeting them. While this can be a bit stressful, it can also be used to your advantage. In the workplace, introductions are often made virtually over email, which means an email signature can be one of your first communications. Put your best foot forward and make sure your signature is up to snuff and doing you justice.

1. Check for Compatibility

Even if your signature looks great on your desktop, this doesn’t guarantee its appearance on other programs or devices. Be sure to give it a look on a smart phone, Apple and Windows, Gmail, and other servers your clients often use.

2. Size Matters

Including a logo is a great way to improve your signature, but be sure to use the right file size. Because most email signatures are relatively small, you will probably have to reduce the dimensions of the image file you use before importing to your signature. This will prevent an embarrassing giant logo situation in your next email.

3. Unique But Classy

Don’t be afraid to stand out a bit, but do keep in mind that less is more, and gone are the days of word art. Try to use no more than two fonts and two colors, including those found in any included logos.

4. Protect Yourself

While email is extremely convenient, it’s not always the most secure, and problems can occur. Safeguard yourself against repercussions from hacking by including a liability statement. While unlikely, this acts as an insurance policy against identity theft and information interception.

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