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Keep Annual Events Fresh

Annual events are a staple of many offices, from holiday parties to days of service and so much more. The benefit of these events is if the event is a hit one year, your team is even more likely to come next year. However, it’s easy for annual events to get stale over the years. Check out our tips on keeping your company’s annual events fresh year after year.

1. Use Sub-Themes

Just because it’s a holiday party doesn’t mean it has to be the same classic decorations each year. Add some variety by using a different sub-theme each year. For example, holiday parties can be sub-themed as a snowy forest wonderland one year, and a chic NYC-style holiday the next.

2. Change Venues

If your event is in the same standard hotel conference room year after year, get ready for dwindling RSVPs! Instead, shake it up with a rooftop bar one year, and a river cruise the next!

3. Bring in Big Names

There’s no need to book Beyoncé for the company picnic, but try to use services from trendy local businesses that your team will be excited to try (and 'gram). Whether it’s the popular new food truck serving tacos or the chic nearby wine bar giving tastings, your party just got a giant cool boost!

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