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DC Funk Parade

Coachella not your thing? DC is hosting their own FREE music festival called the Funk Parade this Saturday May 6th on U-Street! The Funk Parade is a celebration of U-Streets rich culture and vibrant music scene. It also celebrates the Spirit of Funk that brings the U-Street neighborhood together in a community of love! The parade has been growing rapidly since its birth in 2013 and this year they expect to host 75,000 festival goers! The festival has three different parts, the day fair, the parade and the music festival. The day fair is between 12 and 7PM. The Parade is happening between 3 and 4PM and the Music Festival will be between 7 and 10PM.

This event is going to be so big and neighborhood wide it even has it’s own App so you can know what’s happening throughout the day! Check out their website here to learn more about all of the activations and music happening throughout the day!


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