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Long & Foster

Long & Foster, a renowned real estate company, enlisted our design team to undertake a comprehensive redesign of their luxury branding.

Our tasks included creating a new corporate logo, implementing the redesigned brand across digital and print marketing channels, producing impactful media and video materials, designing promotional items, and providing event planning services for brand launch events.

We began by analyzing Long & Foster's existing branding and market position. Based on our research, we developed a new corporate logo that embodied luxury and sophistication. This redesigned branding was then implemented meticulously across all marketing collateral to maintain consistency and a unified visual identity.

Our team managed the entire production process, crafting digital and print materials, as well as large-scale media and video content that aligned with the new branding. We also designed various promotional items to support marketing campaigns and events.

We successfully met all goals within the specified timelines and budget. Long & Foster expressed complete satisfaction with the redesigned branding and high-quality materials. The client particularly appreciated the cohesive brand identity and its impact on their luxury positioning.

The project's success led Long & Foster to extend the new branding to their entire corporation, showcasing their confidence in our work. This expansion provided further collaboration opportunities and reinforced the positive outcomes achieved through our partnership.

Overall, our comprehensive implementation of the new luxury branding for Long & Foster was a resounding success. Our expertise in logo design, digital and print production, media, video content, promotional items, campaigns, and event planning ensured a seamless execution. The client's satisfaction and the extension of the branding validate the effectiveness and impact of our work.

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