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The Growth of Nonprofits ⁠– Trends & Strategies

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

In recent years, nonprofits have grown and developed non-stop. According to PNP Staffing Group, the nonprofit sector has grown by 20% over the last 10 years in comparison to a much lower rate in the for-profit sector. In a report from Nonprofit Salaries & Staffing, it shows an increase in employment in nonprofit work with a majority of employees from for-profits transferring to non-profit organizations. With the financial and public support for nonprofits at an all-time high, let’s look at some trends in this sector.

1. Nonprofit investment

In an effort to be more involved in social issues and better connect with their employees and targeted consumers, corporations and their philanthropic arms have started to invest more in socially and environmentally responsible initiatives. Nonprofits, as a result, have become essential partners and have grown to meet this new demand.

2. Digital fundraising

Aligning with the growth of technology, nonprofits have made donation strategies more tech-friendly. Just like for-profit companies such as Netflix, Amazon and Cratejoy have monthly subscriptions, many nonprofit organizations have created a “monthly donation" option for the convenience of donors.

3. The direct approach to donation strategy

Instead of simply duplicating events that have been successful in the past, nonprofit organizations now approach donors by mapping out a clear strategy of what the issue is, why we need to solve it, and how the donated budget will be used. This strategy helps organizations avoid some of the marketing mistakes that nonprofits usually stumble into.

4. Invasion of Gen-Z

For many years, millennials have been mentioned and targeted constantly in the marketing strategy of both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Although this generation is still mentioned, the Gen-Z generation has slowly become more dominant in companies' marketing strategy.

5. Personalized approach

No one likes to be generalized. When it comes to asking for a donation, generic emails and proposals become the worst course of action. Because of this, many organizations have eliminated the “fast-food" design in their donation proposals, and have tailored them to fit a specific audience. It takes a little more work, but yields better results.

What other trends have you noticed in the nonprofit sector? Let us know in the comments below or tag us on social media at @dhmmediagroup.

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