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The Future of Events; Are In-Person Events a Thing of the Past?

It's without saying that pandemic is the sole reason for the disappearance of in-person events. But it's important to recognize that major worldwide events often lead to innovations. The burning question for many businesses is - are in-person events dead? Here's what we predict and how you can leverage it for your business.

In the past year, we saw how live events were replaced with their virtual versions as a temporary bandaid solution. By now, we've seen firsthand how virtual events can offset costs and be a preference for audiences who don't feel the need to travel. For some, the zoom-fatigue can hit hard, while others love the practicality of fitting an event into their lives and schedules.

As more restrictions are lifted, and live events and conferences make their way back into our lives, the event-planning industry must adjust to new demands and trends. The solution is hybrid events - the option to attend in-person or virtually.

If that sounds like too much work, consider this; the opportunity to be more accessible directly affects how good and engaging your event is, as well as reach a higher audience. Depending on your industry, your events can go from being single ticket purchases to become membership subscriptions, have tiered access, and be supplemented by curated content experiences, educational, and training opportunities. Complementing your in-person event with a virtual version not only takes less time to promote, but it can connect you with more people globally, and generates a lot of data to use later.

Having no choice but to switch over to digital during the pandemic has propelled innovation and now, gives creative opportunities for businesses in any industry to benefit from.

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