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Strategies for Promoting Virtual Event

Having a key page where event information can be found and people can learn about the event is important and necessary. Make sure that the page includes the time and date of the event, an agenda and a sign up link. Use eye-catching graphics and high-quality photos to help engage your audience.

Having key speakers, updated videos and good content help to keep people interested and attracted to your virtual event. Make sure all essential details are on the page in order to make it as easy as possible to attend.

Use keywords for SEO optimization

Although your page may utilize specific words to categorize your type of business, using keywords is a good way to ping search engines. Using a keyword planning tool can prove very successful when marketing virtually and can enable an easy search for your event.

Do as Much as You Can with Email Marketing

With social media marketing taking over, it’s important that you stay active with emails. Having weekly or bi-weekly email blast is an effective way to generate business. A small peek of upcoming events is a great way to appeal to others.

While you don’t want to overpower inboxes, sending an email or two a week is a good way to check in and stay active/informative with your clients. Having an interactive format, linked photos and contact information can make a world of difference when sending emails.

Utilize All Social Media Channels

There are so many ways to promote your page or event through social media. While all platforms play a different role, it’s important to look at what fits your cause best.

LinkedIn is a way to spread professional information pertaining to a company. You can opt to promote or have ads as well that can help boost your page.

Instagram is a great way to share photos and videos. It’s important to utilize stories as well to get continuous thoughts and ideas to the public.

Facebook is good to keep track of an event and tally RSVPs to get an idea about who may be attending.

Be Consistent with Promotions

Keep trying to actively update and engage your audience – or they won’t attend. Making sure your message is the same across platform is super important and creates a sense of transparency.

Want some ways to keep your audience engaged? Try offering a giveaway, having a calendar or having a contest so that your followers can actively see what's going on.

Follow Up

Often times, people throw amazing events with little to no follow through. It’s super important to reach out to clients who attended your event to get feedback and tips on how to improve for the future.

Sending out feedback forms after an event is a good way to show you care about your clients and attendees of the event. It’s also an opportunity to connect and network with more indiviuals that you could talk to in the future!

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