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Promoting Events on Social Media During This Digital Time

May 7, 2020

Digital market during the time of COVID-19

Event planning and promotion has had to make a large shift during the wake of COVID-19 and social distancing. With groups of people not being able to meet with each other in person, digital communication has become even more prevalent than past years. 

2020 has seen many shifts in marketing strategy due to this change, mainly in the form of virtual events. From online classes to celebrations, this form of digital communication is starting to become the new normal, making online marketing especially important in order for companies to generate business. As digital marketers, it’s especially crucial to be able to adapt to the changing landscape and new trends as they appear. 

Here are some of our easy ways that social media marketing can be used to assist businesses!

Utilize organic social media features

Using the features that social media platforms offer you such as Instagram and Facebook stories can help boost account visibility and engagement. Stories are a way to get short messages out to viewers in a casual yet professional way. An example of what to post on your social media stories is a sneak peek for an upcoming event or a “response post” asking a question to increase direct engagement with followers. 

Facebook events are also an easy way to set up a meeting or online event. With attendees being able to RSVP, it allows you to get an estimation of who exactly will be in attendance. Companies are also able to boost Facebook events to generate a larger audience, making it so they can share the event with a targeted audience that is relevant within their market. 

Keep Messaging Consistent

With social media taking over the way we think about marketing, it’s easy to get lost about what to post where. It’s important that as we continue to move forward, messaging is short and consistent. A good way to look at it is by putting yourself in the shoes of who you’re trying to market to. Would you want to read a lot of information? Is this information relevant to you? Both of these questions are ever-so-important in this digital age. Keeping your message relevant to trends is important as well, especially because trending topics can be searched on social media, making the audience of who sees the post bigger. 

Post-Event Promotions

Oftentimes after an event ends there is a missed opportunity of post-event promotions that can help boost your social media. Take advantage of posting photos, recaps and notes from your event on your social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. All of the photos and videos from past events can be repurposed to create content for various social media efforts. 

By keeping materials from past events, it allows you to re-share to build your network and future audience. Another way to create post-event promotions is by asking for testimonials from those who attended to market them in a fun and creative way so people can see an outside perspective of your event. 

Final Thoughts

As digital marketing and events become more routine, we have to adapt and embrace this new innovative set of changes. Need help event planning? Contact DHM Media at for all of your marketing and event planning needs. 

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