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Micro Influencer Marketing - The Latest Social Media Trend

Influencer marketing is not an entirely new concept, but the way brands are using it is. To be more specific, brands are starting to partner up with micro influencers to help boost the brands credibility. So, what exactly is a “micro influencer”? You have probably already heard the term ‘influencer’ before but chances are you don’t know what a micro influencer is. They are people who have a strong social media presence but not to the point where they are considered a celebrity. There is no exact number on how many followers it takes to become a micro influencer, but it ranges from 1,000 up to 100,000. A micro influencer could be anybody who is a local expert in a field. This could be anybody from a fitness blogger to a makeup guru. This trend is growing rapidly and in some cases proven to more effective than celebrity marketing.

This is because, naturally, people value the opinion of those who they trust and can look up to. People trust micro influencers, as they feel they can give them their honest opinion, unlike a popular celebrity, whom they feel is just talking about a company because they were paid. These lesser-known influencers make their followers feel more connected to them and often have high levels of engagement from their fans. According to ImpactBND, influencers with 1,000 followers have an 85% higher level of engagement than those with 100,000 followers. As the number of followers increases, the level of engagement decreases. With a smaller audience, they are able to solidify a small community of followers and have a more personal interaction.

Additionally, micro-influencers tend to be around the same age or slightly older than their fan base. This way their followers feel more as if they are peers of the influencer. So, they trust them more. In fact, almost 84% of consumers feel as if they trust recommendations from peers over advertising. People love to see themselves in ads, and so these micro-influencers are perfect candidates for the consumer to see partnering with their brand. Partnering with micro influencers puts your brand with the right audience and makes your company seem more trendy and modern.

For the consumer, it’s a better experience and for the company, you get higher engagement. Micro influencers are able to respond to their fan base through questions, comments, likes, and DM’s much faster than a big celebrity. This connection is then established quicker which makes the fan trust the influencer much faster. With these faster engagement rates, micro-influencers are able to advocate for your brand actively, and not let it disappear into yesterday’s news. Moreover, these smaller influencers are much more affordable than a celebrity and can often bring your company bigger benefits. Overall, micro influencer marketing is extremely successful and cost-effective.

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