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Marketing on Pinterest in 2021

When we think of marketing on social media, our first thoughts are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But what about Pinterest? It's often overlooked, and therefore, very underrated when it comes to marketing. Pinterest is the world's 14th largest social media network, with over 459 million active monthly users. The most important thing to know is that 93% of users go on Pinterest when they are planning purchases, which means that these users are on the platform ready to buy.

Is marketing on Pinterest right for you? Pinterest has been around for more than a decade, but their demographics are constantly expanding. It's a great platform for virtually any industry, but take a look at Pinterest Business, where they give an extensive overview of their demographics.

Things to keep in mind when using Pinterest to promote your brand:

-Use your company logo in your profile picture, use an attractive cover photo that relates to your brand, have a description that is clear & concise.

-Most Pinners use their phone rather than their desktop. Use vertical images so your images don't get cut off, and make sure your images are high-quality.

-Use descriptive copy and good storytelling. Whether it's showcasing a product or telling your audience more about the brand, write something that reels your audience in. Overlaying text on an image is a good way to reinforce your message and grab attention.

-Most importantly, include your website in each of your pins and in your bio.

Happy pinning!

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