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How the 2020 Graduates are Facing Many Unexpected Issues

With the economy changing so drastically, it’s hard for graduate students or recent grads to know where to look for jobs. While some careers require a master’s degree, many still do not or don't show preference over a degree past bachelors. While being in a pandemic, it’s increasingly difficult to get a job within the current market.

With the amount of available jobs in the United States going down, salaries being cut and 401-K plans not being matched – it’s hard to keep a job let alone find one for the first time. Around 4 million students will graduate, according to a CNBC article, during this 2019-2020 term. With millions filing for unemployment, it’s not an easy time to be entering this competitive sphere.

One way to know what career to search for is by analyzing the projected growth rate of the industry it's in. Jobs with technical components such as computer or IT research jobs are projected to grow the most – at 19% by 2026. This large jump is followed by a career counselor/therapist at a rise of 14% (although the salary is smaller to begin with.)

Another option is looking at how many open entry-level positions are offered in fields even remotely similar to your major – and it’s okay if they’re not and it’s just something that you’re interested in!

According to LinkedIn, being a software engineer is the best entry-level job due to its salary and the amount of people needed to fill positions. This is the second year in a row that this job is rated among the highest and with new tech industries booming, it’s no surprise. The next on the list was a registered nurse (RN) followed by a salesperson.

When looking for a new job fresh out of school or after a few years off the clock, it’s important to be willing to be flexible with pay and what you’re given. That being said, it's okay to know your worth and negotiate/pushback if you feel as if you’re being paid/valued unfairly. Negotiation is key when finding a new job in which you're qualified.

The most important thing is to stick to what you want be sure to get what you want out of the job. Companies are realizing that an effective way to work is to successfully telecommunicate and work remotely, which might lead to a rise of college graduate hires with the right set of digital skills.

It’s important to also update all of your social media channels so that it looks professional and is as accurate as possible. Having active social channels and professional networking channels helps to connect with professionals all over the country that might be a good point of contact later on.

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