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Minimalism at Its Prime

In the design industry, especially in commercial design, trends change non-stop and are always evolving. With the idea of less is more, companies and consumers always favor more on products with simple and elegant designs. From painting to architecture, installation to design, Minimalism always conquers and gains love from both critics and consumers.

In school, student designers are taught to strictly follow K.I.S.S principle which means "Keep It Simple, Stupid." The priority of a design is surrounded with the idea to keep it as minimal as possible while still effectively delivering a company's story/message. Minimalism brings out the beauty of simplicity in shapes, symmetry, and color.

Minimalism is clean, neat, and beautiful. The trend has been up in the industry for the past decades. However, with the invasion of other trends, will Minimalism continue to work in commercial design for another 10 years?

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