Millennials vs. Gen Z - Marketing to Both

With how fast the world is moving nowadays, there’s no such thing as marketing to “young people” – instead, we have to take a closer look at the two generations that currently make up our youngest adults: Millennials and Gen Z’ers. We’re here to help you learn about the differences and how to approach both when marketing your business.

Influencer Marketing – Gen Z Dominated

Yes, this marketing strategy is oh-so trendy, but research shows it’s particularly effective and well-received with Gen Z, who are more native to social media platforms where influencers exist.

Online Shopping – Millennial Dominated

This one is surprisingly simple – because millennials are older, they have more purchasing power, especially with credit card-requiring purchases such as online sales. While this fact will undoubtedly change, for now, market accordingly!

Easily Distracted – Gen Z Dominated

We all know about how small attention spans are with technology, but they’re getting even smaller with the generation of internet natives. Consider your advertising strategies carefully.

Authenticity – Gen Z Dominated

Millennials may have started this trend, but Gen Z is owning it. Knowing and respecting where a brand or product came from is of paramount importance. From sustainably sourced materials to locally based origin stories, these are key facts to present to Gen Z.

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