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Using Email Marketing Effectively

Email marketing shows much higher returns on investment than social media marketing, but there are also so many ways to go wrong. Here are a few tips on keeping your email marketing effective and targeted!

1. Keep it Fast

No matter how tempting it may be to use embedded gifs, video content, and more in your email marketing, remember that load times are of paramount importance. Pick one element to pop so that load times are kept low.

2. Points of action

The key to strong marketing is inspiring your consumer to take action. Luckily, this is all-too-easy to email marketing: simply include clearly marked, engaging click-through links. Be sure to use motivating copy that inspire clicks.

3. Avoid Cheap Tricks

It may feel like you need to use tricks to stand out in inboxes, but avoid the ones that can make consumers feel tricked into opening. This includes subject lines that read “Re:” or “FINAL NOTICE” – while possibly effective for opening, this does not get consumers on your good side. Instead, use captivating but sincere subject lines.

4. Solve a Problem

Don’t waste email marketing on simply putting your name out there. Use this space to help consumers recognize a problem they have, and offer a solution. Inundated by emails constantly, consumers don’t care about learning about brands, they care about solving their problems.

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