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Make Your Video Go Viral

In case you haven’t noticed, video content is dominating online marketing. By 2019, video content is predicted to command a hefty 80% of all web traffic. This means that if your business hasn’t dived into videos, there’s no better time to start! Here are our tips on getting started in this hot medium.

Engage the senses

Never underestimate the power of beautiful images and sounds working together. Create a scene that enthralls viewers and makes them believe they are there with you, experiencing it firsthand. Don’t forget to incorporate music to add to the sensation.

Make it dynamic

Video content is so engaging because it allows movement. Even if your video is a sit-down interview, flash to dynamic shots showing what is being described. This will keep viewers attentive to the end of your video.

Connect with viewers

Video allows for a much deeper human connection with viewers. Show the personal side of your business, whether that be a story of humble beginnings or the importance of family. Emotion is a powerful tool that is much more accessible in video content.

Call to action

All marketing campaigns should include a call to action, but with video marketing, you can show viewers exactly how easy it is to take that action. When telling viewers to visit your website, or call today, show a happy customer doing just this, and how simple and effective the action was.

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