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Seasonal Marketing Strategies

With autumn upon us, you may be considering how to take a seasonal approach to your marketing campaigns.

Select Strategically

There’s no need to use every holiday or occasion for a marketing campaign, so be sure to select ones that will specifically help build your brand. Also be sure to consider other events and how the timing will align with your own business’s schedule.

Think Creatively

“Tis the Season for Savings” is not winning a catchphrase award anytime soon. Try to think outside the box with how you incorporate the holiday or season into your campaign. An obvious or trite approach will simply blend your campaign in with the others, so put in the effort to stand out.

Stay Organized

Timing is everything with seasonal marketing, and deadlines are even more crucial. Be sure to allow for plenty of time to design, produce, and distribute your campaign well before the holiday is over. This means planning ahead - start considering your Halloween ads in August, and your New Years ads in October.

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