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The Era of Transformation

Ah, the dreaded word… change. They always say that change is the only constant in life, but why does that word still hold so much negative weight? In this era of constant change, Organizational Change Expert, Jim Hemerling gives 5 harrowing ways to lead in this era of constant transformation within organizations.

Essentially it comes down to putting people first.

  1. You must inspire through a sense of purpose your organization is in pursuit of.

  2. Go all in and take initiatives to drive growth i.e. invest in leadership.

  3. Enable people within your organization to develop skills for the organization shift.

  4. Instill a culture of continuous learning opportunities to bring out the best in people.

  5. Leaders need to be inclusive and engage every member of the business.

All these 5 actions Hemerling highlights is about putting people in the organization first to bring out the best in them and in turn, bring out the best in your business. If you’re always aware of these actions, change does not need to be so scary and exhausting. It can be energizing and empowering.

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