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Print Makes Sense

In this digital age, many have the notion that print media/advertising is pointless. However, it's quite the opposite as print media has shown to be more memorable with people in the long-run. Have you heard someone say they love the smell of their favorite book(s)? It's kind of the same concept with print media- more of your senses are engaged as opposed to with digital content. For example- you feel the glossy composition of a magazine, you hear the pages turning as you read the latest article on decor trends and you see the brightly colored ink pressed against the paper.

People tend to slow down with print media, therefore the content becomes engrained in the long-term memory receptors. Print also seems to hold more value to people, as they feel ownership over something they are holding; it becomes theirs and they are more receptive to 'their' content.

All in all, don't ditch the print if you're aiming for a memorable brand with longevity.

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