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Social Stories

Social media is a major marketing component for any brand. Brands that post daily, engage with their consumers and deliver their brand objectives show a great impact for their business. One of the ways you can promote your brand is through video content on social media.

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all have ‘Story’ features which has become an instant marketing tool. Think of it as a video campaign for your company. Grab your iPhone and create 60-second content video - making sure it tells an attention-grabbing story. Are you trying to sell a feature product? Do you want to create brand awareness? Maybe it’s National Ice Cream Day and you want to get in on that trend.

No matter what the intent behind your video campaign, you want to have quality content that is line with your brand’s objective and aesthetic. Keep consumers engaged and create ‘recurring series’ posts. For example, every Friday create a clip of ‘How-To’ video tutorial; every Tuesday highlight an interesting tool in your software; every Thursday ask a question to create a conversation with your consumers.

All in all, get creative and explore different video formatting across multiple social media platforms. Video content for social media can definitely be done on a budget so grab your iPhones and go!

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