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Listen, Leaders.

Nothing feels more disheartening than feeling unheard by your employer. Managing a team requires a set of skills that in turn create an open workplace environment where employees feel valued and advance the business. Of course that means good communication is a strong component a leader must be obtain. Alongside that, active listening is a strong skill leaders must be willing to take part in.

The saying “in one ear, out the other” comes to mind when people don’t engage in active listening. This doesn’t necessarily mean that employees or leaders consciously ignore or interrupt someone mid-sentence. However, you have to be aware of your surroundings and free your mind of distractions to truly engage. Asking important questions, carrying on the conversation and building solutions are all key ways a leader can actively listen to their employees.

Employees that feel heard and understood will respond with a thriving workplace culture which will in turn, exceed business growth projections. The future of effective leaders? Listening.

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