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Your Loyal Clients

One of the biggest concerns for new consumers is trusting a company’s product or service. Client testimonials are a great way to earn a potential customer’s trust. Your past clients can become your best marketing tool in establishing validity. A good, believable testimonial can bring a great return of investment.

Firstly- you get to be picky about which testimonials get to make it on your website. Choose testimonials that address your company by name or are specific to a product/service.

Client testimonials have to match your intended demographic. You shouldn’t post testimonials that are too generic or post just for the sake of it- this can deter customers’ trust.

The location of testimonials on your website is important as well. Two locations that experts have found to be a great conversion is on the product/services page or on the website’s sidebar.

You can also consider video testimonials because sometimes written testimonials can come off as dispassionate.

Get creative!

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